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Trailer Reinvented

The eTrailer defines a new way to power the entire tractor-trailer system efficiently and sustainably.

The eTrailer offers solutions

Reduction fuel consumption

Significant reduction in fuel consumption of the diesel semitrailer tractor and thus in CO2 emissions by at least 20%.

Range increase

Significant increase in range in combination with the battery-electric tractor unit

Energy optimization

Optimal, use case related management of electrical energy resources

Positive TCO effect

Reduction of the operational costs (TCO) of the eTrailer compared to the standard trailer

Tractor Manufacturer-independence

Free combinability of the eTrailer system from Trailer Dynamics with any tractor unit

Dimensioning tractor

Protection of the tractor and thus additional increase in economic efficiency

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The eTrailer ECO system


Green Logistics


We provide comprehensive support and advice in the ECO system electrification of heavy goods transport.


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